ImageAdwoa (AD): Chale! You know sey Kofi bi gay?

Ama (AM): Oh! Yeah… what’s wrong with that?

AD: herh! Ama! Don’t tell me you support homosexuality.

Ama (AM): why? Are they not normal human beings like us? What’s wrong if a person gets sexual affection for their same sex? Please allow them okay. The fact that you won’t do it doesn’t mean you should hate them.

AD: MaaaaDam… me de3 I hate them papa! In the first place it is biblically not right. And it is a taboo in our country. Do you know the curse it can bring on our country? Hahahahahaaa…. Dey there!! They are taking all the potential husbands from us. I beg oooo… don’t blame your grandmother if you don’t get a husband in the future.

Ama (AM): Chale its true oooo!!!! But still I don’t have a problem with it. Okay! Let me tell you… do you know homosexuality is a Victoria age practice? And have you heard anything bad associated with it, apart from the funny comments people make like “gays are the reason why prices of pampers have risen”….. And I hear some say “gays contribute to the decrease in procreation.”

AD: But it’s true!!!!

Ama (AM): please let your voice come down I can see Kofi coming.

AD: Coming where?

Ama (AM): Coming here (my house)… he’s coming to my brother (Ben)… they are studying together for the end of semester exams.

AD: hmmmm… you de3! He’ll spoil Ben’s ass, there that you’ll see. You don’t warn him… heheheheeee!! Your parents will start buying pampers soon… or he’ll start sharing your ‘Always Sanitary Pad.’

Ama (AM): ooohhhh!!! Adwoa…. Are you human at all? Do you have respect for people? Okay now let’s cut this matter and concentrate on our books

AD: Obaaaa!!! These gay people don’t deserve respect from me! What they do is an abomination. Kai! Tweaaaaaaaaa!!!! Nka m’agyimi papa!

Ama (AM): do you respect your elder sister? Is abortion good in our society? We do respect her even after she had the abortion. You see how strange the world is? Don’t be angry wae! I was just making a point.

 AD: please! Please! Leave my sister out of this okay! After all there is difference between abortion and homosexuality. So I beg waaa!!!!

Ama (AM): You are funny papa! Yes! There is a big difference between homosexuality and abortion. I think you won’t like the difference I know but you should know. With abortion, an innocent soul is killed but no one dies in homosexuality

AD: Eiiiiii! U dey my top papa!

Ama (AM): Abi u see? You don’t talk against some one like that!

AD: Okay! I hate the act but I’ll consider the people.

Ama (AM): You go talk the truth… yeah! You are now talking… you may hate the act but not the people.


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