Hello Prof, Nana Nyankop)n has told me that death is for  me and you.
This! i know you knew, …

my questions to Nana Nyame these few days has been whether your  time was due.

Uncle Atta! because you are not here to take this note and read, myself and Ghanaians would like to talk to you through the talking drums.

As you embark on this sacred journey to the land of the dead, we know you can’t talk to us again, but we pray on )domakoma to save your *tumpanic membrane* and your ever welcoming ear drums.

We pray on the mercies of )twedeampong to allow you  listen to our cries, our well wishes and carry to our ancestors messages that have been stored in our minds for long through our talking drums.

Through the thick and thin you stood tall

Through the mud and storms you came out tough

Through the politics of insults and vilification which you always condemned, you became strong.

As an Omanpayin! you taught us many lessons and made difficult decisions that left us applauding without seeking reasons or asking questions.

The world is mourning, Africa is crying, Ghana is wailing and tears from you wife and son can’t stop raining, just because the head of their home is no more reigning.

Oh! Uncle Atta! Did you have to leave your country, your wife and son just like that? Not even taking a note from the living to our forefathers.

We can’t blame you, we just had an experience that will continue to tell us that the icy hands of death cares less.

Asomdwehene! we pray on your kind heart to convince confusions and disasters that are waiting to feed on our elections to also go to their grave.

Carry them away! feed evil minds with grave worms, so that your legacies and peaceful words? they shall never fail.

As you wine and dine with Oboade3 Himself, pray to him to forgive our sins and make our ecomini (economy) resilient.

Let Him shower on us some of your knowledge, patience and kind heart, because your ideas and style of leadership was brilliant.

Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills! Papa Smile with us wherever you are.

We are singing hymns and praising the almighty Allah to provide you a smooth road for your journey. A road with no potholes because you are not traveling with a car.

Uncle Fiifi! when you get to your destination,look back at your brothers and sister, and Bless Ghana before, during and after the election in December.

Wofa Atta! Your contributions to development of the world, Africa, and Ghana is unprecedented. And for that, you shall forever be remembered.




Fare Thee Well Man Of Peace!!!!



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