More from the Adabraka Session #FotoKlub

ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio

Check out more fotos of the ACCRA [dot] ALT crew on location in the beautiful historic neighborhood of Adabraka. The team breaks down their take on Accra and their inner visions for life in the African city.

Double-click on photos to enlarge. All photos by ACCRA [dot] ALT.

Red Skirt 2 - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTOrange Wise 2 - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTRed Skirt 4 - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTAFUA ASONA [Design Contributor]:

“Everything is in Accra. I think we’re having a peak of it now – a taste of 60’s and 70’s [U.S.] where people are moving back to being natural.”

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