Accra is beautiful.. we love colors #FotoKlub

ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio

And the fotos keep coming…check out more street style in Adabraka and our ACCRA [dot] ALT team’s take on life and dreams in the city.

Double-click on photos to enlarge. All photos taken by ACCRA [dot] ALT.

ABASS ISMAIL [Cinematographer/Photographer]:

“Accra is a place that is not so easy for some people to live. You’re living without a place or a car, you have to be struggling for troski. It’s not that easy to get a place for yourself in Accra.”

Go-Go Cart 5- photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTDEAN OSEI [Intern], right:

“My Accra is a place where everything is possible. Accra is a place where young, vibrant people from all over Ghana come to settle and achieve their dreams. It’s also challenging. Despite the challenges, it’s a place where you can succeed if you are really determined.”

Abass Ismail 6 - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTABASS:

“We’re sick and tired with the lights on and off. And water…for my place…

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