ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio

Story by MOLLY SULLIVAN I Photography by SELORMJAY

Seth (James Brown) unsuccessfully attempts to charm Jane (Bridget Cudjoe)

I had the privilege of seeing Accra Theatre Workshop [ATW] in action, debuting their most recent piece, Stereo Love, a new play directed by Elisabeth Sutherland [ATW Founder] and written by Emmanuel Deegbe.

Emmanuel Deegbe (playwright) Emmanuel Deegbe (playwright) giving a  post-show talk

Stereo Love, an appropriately timed romantic comedy, takes place on Valentine’s Day and follows a day in the life of best friends Seth (James Brown) and Francis (Benjamin Appiah). The two run an online-radio station from the living room of Jane (Seth’s girlfriend) and are in the midst of their Valentine’s Day special when Seth discovers he has somehow offended Jane (Bridget Cudjoe). Seth is then given the task of figuring out what he has done by the end of the day, a situation only complicated by the arrival of Jane’s…

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