Icon From An African City: MaameYaa Boafo

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New York based Ghanaian actor MaameYaa Boafo was in Accra a couple of months ago during the shooting of the web series An African City. Mantse Aryeequaye took MaameYaa on walk through the back roads of Dzorwulu; a suburb of Accra for some photos of her just being a fly Ghana girl at home. Nana Osei Kwadwo had a chat with her later on about her craft and An African City

MaameYaa finds home in Accra! MaameYaa finds home in Accra!

The first time I saw MaameYaa Boafo in Nicole Amarteifio’sAn Africa City, I thought she was beautiful, fierce and versatile. She stars as one of five women characters, in the webisode, that returns to live in Accra after years of studying and working abroad. Debuting less than a couple months ago, the series has quickly gained a popular online following with major media shout-outs hailing via Ebony Magazine, BBC News,

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