The Displaced: Story of Migration and Trade

Photography by LISA KO

Afrogallonism Sculptural Installation

Afrogallonism Sculptural Installation

Contemporary artist Serge Attukwei Clottey led his GoLokal performance group to put up an experimental performance that told the story of how his family traded with the people of Labadi and later migrated to labadi at The Displaced Performance and Installation. The performnace was a well staged non-dialogue exhibition of how the Clottey family moved to their current labadi settlement. Attukwei and his GoLokal group AKA Public Space Hijackers use their performance as a form of community activism and also as traditional history crusadors. They are noted for raising political and enviromental awareness in the community. Serge installed some of his Afrogallonism sculptures and artworks on the beach where the performnace took place. The Yellow gallon pieces that are joined to form a montage were displaced on the route to the shores of the beach, it served as a directional guide to people who did not readily know the location.  Continue reading


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dreamscapePerformance collective Accra Theater Workshop has some exciting projects for the last quarter of 2014 year.

DREAMSCAPE : A young woman traverses a dream world, battling her mental fears, but will she have the courage to translate dreams into waking? Little Warrior, our protagonist, has to navigate four worlds that hang in the balance between sleep and waking. Overall, these worlds serve as a commentary on how we can allow situations, internal or external, to hold us back from our full potential.

Date: October 16, 17, 18

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Nubuke Foundation

Tickets: GHC 15

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Here are the songs bumping on the streets of Africa.

Artist: Jayso


Rapper/Producer Paul Nuamah Donkor A.K.A Jayso has released a video for his hit single “Making Tasha Proud”off his untitled yet to be released album. The visuals are supposed to be based on real life events of an inspired fan.  The video was Shot in the UK and Accra, and fellow Ghanaian born Glasgow based rapper Kobi Onyame also makes a cameo.

Artist: REASON

Video Title: 2CUPS SHAKUR

South African rapper Reason has an anthem for grand booze fantasies “2Cups Shakur” off his latest album “Audio HD (AHD).” The Black and White portrait flashes dreamy moments of Reasons life of success and his expensive tastes. 



Durban crooner and  Soul Candi’s latest act Tellaman collaborates with one of South African’s finest rappers Okmalumkoolkat on this retro…

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Ghanaian born singer Sena Dagadu is based in Hungary together with her Electro-Drum and Bass crew Irie Mafia, the group has been railroading their home base and surrounding territories with pressure-cooked rhythms and mashups for days. This new video “Pass It On” is from Sena’s album Lots Of Trees- a shout out to her Ghanaian roots with none other than Wanlov Kobolor. Street photographer Tacitus Bailey-Yabani also has a cameo as a divine drummer in the background.


Video Title: SURA YAKO

SOUTI SOL is an Afro-pop Kenyan band that was formed in 2005. The video for their “Nishike” tune released in April 2014 was not exactly what the Kenyan media like so they got no love. In the  end the video was banned from most local TV stations. “SURA YAKO” is  their fourth video off…

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As told by JASE TAY | Photography by KOFI ANTI & KOBE SUBRAMANIAM

Tema International School (T.I.S) students in a procession at #ChaleWote2014 Tema International School (T.I.S) students in a procession at #ChaleWote2014

2014’s edition of the Chale Wote Street Art Festival came off a buzzing start, augmenting the fervour that accompanied the just ended Homowo Festival. The energy and excitement was infectious and even days after the 2-day festival, themed, “Death: An Eternal Journey Into Limitless Rebirth”, people still can’t get over it.  The euphoria that accompanied the festival beautifully complemented its theme; the festival flames seemingly going out but instead of just dying down, continue burning, eagerly waiting a rekindling which, rest assured, will happen next year. Jamestown played host Accra’s creative community who brought their own to the tropes of beautiful “madness” to this year’s festival. To keep these superb and awesome participants enthralled, Accra [dot] Alt lined up an ensemble of creatives whose only agenda was to enthral the…

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Here are more pictures of the Strolling Goats with CHALE WOTE 2014. This edition features some of the amazing artists who are coming to the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival in James Town on August 23 & 24.

Emelia & Elizabeth Efua Surtherland of Accra Theatre Workshop in James Town. Emelia & Elizabeth Efua Surtherland of Accra Theatre Workshop in James Town.

DREAMSCAPE explores the act of living as violence, following a young woman as she traverses a dream world, battling her mental fears.The piece asks the question, do we have the courage to take a hold of our destiny and translate dreams into waking? Does the strength we find in our daily death have any relevance in the land of the living?

Strolling Goats - Chale Wote - James Town- Accra Dor Alt-03 Abena will be in charge of “The Ideal Woman Vision Boards”

The Ideal Woman Vision Boards

Brazil Lane [just behind Otoblohum]

Obaasema Magazine comes to CHALE WOTE with a focus on unearthing images of inspiration…

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CW2014 Poster


The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is undoubtedly the biggest street art festival in west Africa, and the most attended social event in Ghana for the past 3 years. This year’s festival comes off on August 23 & 24 in James Town. The Community the holds the remnants of Pre-Colonial, Colonial and Post Colonial Gold Coast/Ghana. Last year over 8000 people from around the world witnessed the festival. This year, more than 10,000 people are expected to attend. Each edition is based on a theme, and so all cultural performances, Graffiti murals, Installations and music are plotted around that theme. Last year, the festival explored a theme around “Reimagining African folklore by creating exciting and futuristic versions.” This year the artists will be delving deep into “Death: An Eternal Dream Into Limitless Rebirth,” as the theme. We all do believe that death is a part of mankind and so it must be discussed in an imaginative way. It’s going to be two days of extra-ordinary fun since there would be a fashion market for everybody to familiarize themselves with the latest Ghanaian fashion trendS. And also a Food cookout where drinks and delicious cusines from around the world will be available. SO everybody who is a lover of art must “COME TO THE CENTER OF THE WORLD,” on AUGUST 23 & 24.


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Chale Wote 2014 wants you. Chale Wote 2014 wants you.

We are looking to exhibit designs from the best fashion houses in the city at this year’s festival so hit us up if you want to be part of the circuit. Join us at the ACCRA COOKOUT on both days of Chale Wote and sell your gourmet cuisine in a park with retro Highlife music and bass heavy DJ sets. Artists with projects they would like to exhibit or sell can also send their details to . The Chale Wote Street Art Festival is on August 23-24th 2014.

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How single unmarried women thrived in one pre-colonial West African society

the adventures of cosmic yoruba and her flying machines

I have spent a considerable amount of time wondering how single women could have made do in West African history. The non-existent yet much spoken of “African culture” of today paints a picture that such things never happened even though there are several renowned women who we remember today that never married, whether it is Queen Amina of Zaria, or Sarrounia, or Pa Sini Jobu, or even King Ahebi Ugbabe. Yet, most of us believe that independent minded women who are not interested in marriage only came to be so due to colonial European influence. Or assume that it must have been hard for unmarried women back when. In this post, I use Baule women of Ivory Coast as an example to show that it was not impossible to be unmarried and childless in a pre-colonial West African society.

It was a great pleasure coming across Mona…

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As told to Nana Osei Kwadwo   | photos by Selorm Jay

Chilling like a boss - Stefania Chilling like a boss – Stefania

Five years ago when Stefania Manfreda and her business partner, Alon Hassid, realized there was a building frenzy taking place in Accra, they decided to turn their designer T-shirt line into a concept store. This birthed the Lokko’08 store, where contemporary Ghanaian art and lifestyles are articulated.

The Lokko’08, located on Lokko Street in Osu, is a hub of coolness showcasing emerging designs in photography, fashion, music, and technology. The urban shop is quickly and quietly playing its part in the creative renaissance sweeping across the city.

Lokko’08 is gaining popularity not only for its support for young artists but also for its one-of-a-kind offerings. The store stands out as one of the few places where you can cop fresh and different threads in the city. For example, Lokko’08 exhibits and sells…

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