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Chale Wote 2014 wants you. Chale Wote 2014 wants you.

We are looking to exhibit designs from the best fashion houses in the city at this year’s festival so hit us up if you want to be part of the circuit. Join us at the ACCRA COOKOUT on both days of Chale Wote and sell your gourmet cuisine in a park with retro Highlife music and bass heavy DJ sets. Artists with projects they would like to exhibit or sell can also send their details to . The Chale Wote Street Art Festival is on August 23-24th 2014.

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How single unmarried women thrived in one pre-colonial West African society

the adventures of cosmic yoruba and her flying machines

I have spent a considerable amount of time wondering how single women could have made do in West African history. The non-existent yet much spoken of “African culture” of today paints a picture that such things never happened even though there are several renowned women who we remember today that never married, whether it is Queen Amina of Zaria, or Sarrounia, or Pa Sini Jobu, or even King Ahebi Ugbabe. Yet, most of us believe that independent minded women who are not interested in marriage only came to be so due to colonial European influence. Or assume that it must have been hard for unmarried women back when. In this post, I use Baule women of Ivory Coast as an example to show that it was not impossible to be unmarried and childless in a pre-colonial West African society.

It was a great pleasure coming across Mona…

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As told to Nana Osei Kwadwo   | photos by Selorm Jay

Chilling like a boss - Stefania Chilling like a boss – Stefania

Five years ago when Stefania Manfreda and her business partner, Alon Hassid, realized there was a building frenzy taking place in Accra, they decided to turn their designer T-shirt line into a concept store. This birthed the Lokko’08 store, where contemporary Ghanaian art and lifestyles are articulated.

The Lokko’08, located on Lokko Street in Osu, is a hub of coolness showcasing emerging designs in photography, fashion, music, and technology. The urban shop is quickly and quietly playing its part in the creative renaissance sweeping across the city.

Lokko’08 is gaining popularity not only for its support for young artists but also for its one-of-a-kind offerings. The store stands out as one of the few places where you can cop fresh and different threads in the city. For example, Lokko’08 exhibits and sells…

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Icon From An African City: MaameYaa Boafo

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New York based Ghanaian actor MaameYaa Boafo was in Accra a couple of months ago during the shooting of the web series An African City. Mantse Aryeequaye took MaameYaa on walk through the back roads of Dzorwulu; a suburb of Accra for some photos of her just being a fly Ghana girl at home. Nana Osei Kwadwo had a chat with her later on about her craft and An African City

MaameYaa finds home in Accra! MaameYaa finds home in Accra!

The first time I saw MaameYaa Boafo in Nicole Amarteifio’sAn Africa City, I thought she was beautiful, fierce and versatile. She stars as one of five women characters, in the webisode, that returns to live in Accra after years of studying and working abroad. Debuting less than a couple months ago, the series has quickly gained a popular online following with major media shout-outs hailing via Ebony Magazine, BBC News,

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Public Space Hijackers: Get Ready to GoLokal

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Going Local with GoLokal Going Local with GoLokal

Two years ago when visual artist Attukwei Clottey decided to showcase work in his hometown, La, he knew he had to get an enthusiastic group of young folks to buy into the idea. Attukwei wanted the people of La to understand the power of art and how it could transform their community.

Between art residencies in Austria and Netherlands, Attukwei took action and assembled a gathering of characters under the pseudonym “GoLokal.” He adopted this name because of the indigenous style of this artist crew – visually provoking, eclectic, cool yet vibrant. GoLokal is comprised of ten members in total [6 guys, 4 girls] who are quite passionate about their newfound mission.

Serge Attukwei, The god of GoLokal Serge Attukwei, the god of GoLokal

Since 2012, GoLokal has gained an ever-expanding audience with major performance at art events across…

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Behind The Scenes: BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR’S “Make You No Forget”

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Blitz leads a pack with "Boys Abr3" Blitz leads a pack with “Boys Abr3”

Ghanaian-born Brooklyn-based rapper Blitz the Ambassador is out with a new banger “Make You Know Forget” featuring Seun Kuti – Son of afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti.  Make You No Forget blends old school hip-hop with energizing highlife guitar strings and amazing classic horns. Typical of Blitz, the lyrics fit perfectly in to the rhythmic beats and send a wild message to Africans, and everybody around the world not to forget where they come from.

Blitz rides with the 'Visionary" Blitz rides with the ‘Visionary”

These guys are by far the fiercest bikers in Accra These guys are by far the fiercest bikers in Accra

FLAT LAND BOYS take it up FLAT LAND BOYS take it up

He releases this song ahead of his upcoming “Afropolitan Dreams” album, which drops on April 28. Accra Dot Alt produced the video in association Embassy MVMT with all the scenes shot in James Town Accra.  A…

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TALK PARTY 240314-02

We’re back this March with a special TALK PARTY SERIES event to celebrate International Women’s Month. We’re bringing the ever-dope LAWN JAM to Trade Fair, in collaboration with Fashionista GH.

We’ve got a bangin’ SUN-day party planned with two of our favorite DJs – DJ Pam + DJ Kyezzz – who will keep backsides bumping all afternoon long. Stop over on Sunday, 30th March from 3- 6pm at the Fashionista Pavilion, Trade Fair and jam with us small.

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